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Crossword #41: Cryptic #1: A “Grand” Group Cryptic By Mitch Katz, Deborah Wenger, Robert A. Foor, Lisa W Chambers, Joyce Prue, Mark Penney, Carol Hodapp Anderson, William Allbritain, Jeannine Kundinger, Rae Lynn Tipping, Dean Sherman, Steve Mattingly, Mark Mammel, Mike Hausberg, Ken Pacquer Edited By Paul Vong

What a long header! This website now has a cryptic to go along with it. I couldn’t get the AmuseLabs software to work with this puzzle for some reason. Enjoy! Puz https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rFFp-km9QNaxr3YEJV9574EONFnPFlUL/view?usp=sharing Pdf https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dx2aELUhQhTOl993nT8LzpCug0yFmjzG/view?usp=sharing Solution https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GGcEO3xRmUhqSe452NOPmFV4vlTKG2UX/view?usp=sharing Crosshare https://crosshare.org/crosswords/fLIfE155aaXBpksJ71yw Down for a Cross downforacross.com/beta/game/1107742-thrag

Crossword #40 Meta Solution

I only got 3 people submitting the correct answer, which was SUITE. It’s hidden in the sixth mini grid as shown in the image. The prompt needed to get that answer is “Hotel room for some, maybe.” Another solver pointed out MAYBE could be switched out with AMOUR, to get the same solution. The onlyContinue reading “Crossword #40 Meta Solution”

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